Why should I learn more about a career in Independent Pharmacy?

Understanding the options available to you after school can help you plan now and pick classes that will be most beneficial to the career path ahead of you. Independent pharmacy ownership is a rewarding career path. For more than two centuries independent pharmacies have been at the heart of pharmaceutical care in the U.S.

Today there are still more than 22,000 independent pharmacies dispensing 36 percent of our nation’s retail prescription medicines. As you continue with your education, ask yourself, what kind of pharmacy environment do you want to work in?

“Having been shown what independent pharmacy can offer while I was a student helped me learn about the business side of pharmacy. I created an investment group to help me transition into pharmacy ownership immediately after graduation.”
Lucas Smith

Owner, Buena Vista Drug

Silky Kaur, PharmD, RPh

“The Independent Pharmacy Conference was the first pharmacy convention I had ever attended and most definitely the best one. As a student pharmacist, I had numerous opportunities to network with fellow students from across the country with a passion for independent pharmacy, just like mine.

Now over two years later, I am still in contact with these individuals and know they will be lifelong connections. My favorite part of the entire convention was the panel of speakers that talked about their success in independent pharmacy ownership – individuals who ran one pharmacy to those who ran 25, all were a true inspiration.”

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