Join us for Rx Scholarship Fund’s second 5K Fund Run Aug. 23-29. Just like last year this event is virtual, which is why we’re giving you a whole week to participate! Proceeds from this event will go towards supporting pharmacy school programs and pharmacy students with an interest in independent pharmacy. In other words, your participation will be help us to support the next generation of independent pharmacists and protect the future of community pharmacy. Sign up today to get a free Rx Scholarship Fund 5K shirt and water bottle. If you sign up by Aug. 12, we’ll get it to you in time for the event.

This year we are adding a new spin on the Fund Run, individual pharmacies can now host their own Fund Run in tandem with the Rx Scholarship Fund’s. Your event can be either virtual or in-person. Just register as your pharmacy when you go to sign up and ask your participants to let us know they are participating in your event when they register. They can do this by filling out the message box at the bottom of the first page in the registration process. When you host your own event, the Rx Scholarship Fund will support you with swag and raffle prizes to help get your community excited about participating. For more details contact our executive director, Stacy Hall at


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